• Eight Course Heng-Heng Degustation



      Amuse Bouche
      Kueh Pei Ti
      Sup Bakwan Kepiting
      Kaki Babi Pong Teh
      Sambal Udang
      Nonya Chap Chye & Ngoh Hiang
      Ayam Buah Keluak & Nasi Ulam Istimewa

    • Main Course/Chicken

    • Ayam Sioh

      Chicken simmered with palm sugar, red sugar and ketumbar

    • Ayam Goreng Ketumbar

      Deep fried chicken with turmeric and coriander

    • Curry Ayam estimewa

      Curry Ayam estimewa

      Curry chicken infused with the fragrance of spices and lime leaves

    • Ayam Buah Keluak

      Ayam Buah Keluak

      -4pcs (8pcs)

      A true blue peranakan dish. Stewed with chicken from great grandma’s recipe.

    • Main Course/Beef

    • Beef Rendang

      Beef Rendang

      Beef cubes cooked in a rich coconut and spice mix till tender perfection

    • Main Course/Pork

    • Babi Tau Yu

      Braised pork in dark sweet sauce with tau pork

    • Satay Babi Sum Chan

      Satay Babi Sum Chan

      Not your typical BBQ satay: this is the Peranakan version, no skewers/no peanuts.

    • Kaki Babi Pong Teh

      Kaki Babi Pong Teh

      Pork leg slow cooked for six hours with sautéed onions and fermented beans

    • Main Course/Fish

    • Ikan Goreng Sumbat Sambal Belachan

      Deep fried fish stuffed with sambal, drizzled with sweet dark sauce

    • Kuah Lada Ikan

      Kuah Lada Ikan

      Malay, Indonesian influence pepper soup gravy

    • Assam Pedas Fish head

      Assam Pedas Fish head

      Aromatic, sour and spicy fish head cooked in a chilli tamarind gravy. So appetizing you will come back for more!

    • Main Course/Squid

    • Sambal Sotong

      Sambal Sotong

      Squid stir fried with spicy sambal sauce

    • Sotong Masak Asam

      Sotong Masak Asam

      Squid cooked in tamarind concentrate and palm sugar and starfruit

    • Main Course/Prawns

    • Sambal Udang petal

      Sambal Udang petal

      What a lovely combination

    • Udang Assam pedas

      Prawns cooked in chili tamarind gravy

    • Sambal Udang

      Prawns cooked in sambal chili and ladies fingers

    • Main Course/Vegetables & More

    • Telur Goreng Chinchalok

      Savoury homestyle omelette with chinchalok melaka.

    • Tang Hoon Goreng

      Fried glass noodles with scrambled eggs and savoury chai por.

    • Nonya Chap Chye

      Nonya Chap Chye

      Cabbage and friends vegetable stew. Can’t do without this dish! Favorite amongst favorites!

    • Mains - Vegetarian

    • Assam Pedas Cod Fish

      Aromatic sour and spicy mock fish cooked in chilli tamarind gravy

    • 'Ayam' Pong Teh

      Mock chicken cubes with sautéed onions and fermented beans

    • Mutton Rendang

      Mock mutton cubes cooked in a rich coconut and spice mix

    • Vegetarian Sambal Belachan

      Unbelievably tasty fragrant sambal 'belachan' made from seaweed

    • Tok Panjang



      Refers to a feast laid out on long tables to accommodate the kaleidoscope and magnitude of food specially prepared for very special guest. Here our team of chefs has selected two extensive tasting menus all laid out in a tok panjang style presenting just for you. Enjoy your feast! Inclusive of our signature soup, chef’s dessert platter served with home brewed lemongrass tea infused with pandan. (One day advance order). Minimum 2 persons to share TOK PANJANG FEAST MENU $48/$68 per pax

    • Super Sedap Peranakan High Tea



      11am - 5:30pm daily
      Weekdays $30 Weekends $35 per pax
      Minimum 2 persons to share

    • Starter

    • Kueh Pie Ti Set of 10

      Kueh Pie Ti Set of 10

      Delicate crisp Top Hats filled with stewed julienned turnip and condiments, topped with prawn. An excellent hands-on experience mini set of 4

    • Appetiser

    • Sambal Timum

      Sambal Timum

      Cucumber tossed with Sambal belachan, onions and crispy dried shrimps. Super appetizing! Add top shell.

    • Vegetarian Spring Rolls

      Deep Fried and crispy. Best with our chilli cuka

    • Combination Platter

      Combination Platter

      Deep fried prawn and pork liver Ngoh Hiang served with sweet sauce and our famous chilli cuka.

    • Ngoh Hiang

      Ngoh Hiang

      Mouthwatering meat rolls hand made with diced water chestnut, prawns, minced pork and condiments.



    • Main Course/Rice & Noodles

    • Seafood Sambal Fried Rice (S/L)

      A spicy fragrant and delicious old school fried rice.

    • Peranakan Seafood Hokkiien Mee (S/L)

    • Steamed Fragrant Thai Rice (2/pax)

    • Nasi Ulam Istimewa

      Nasi Ulam Istimewa

      A spectacular dish of rice with raw herbs, vegetables, minced fish and salted fish. Only the gourmets will enjoy this.

    • Traditional Soups

    • Itek Tim

      Itek Tim

      Tender duck steamed with kiam chye and sour plims

      -add sea cucumber

      -add Xo

      - All of above

    • Sup Bakwan Kepiting

      Sup Bakwan Kepiting

      Rich broth of crabmeat/pork/prawn balls with bamboo shoot Add sea cucumber

    • Signature Asian Martinis

    • Baba Kaffir Lime Martini with Gin

    • Nonya Lemongrass Martini with vodka

    • Makko Lychee Martini with Sake

    • Drinks

    • Soursop/Passion fruit with biji selaseh

    • Green Lime Juice with biji selaseh

    • Refreshing Kumkuat with biji selaseh

    • Coca Cola ( Regular/Diet)

    • Coffee Set

      Coffee Set

    • Pot of Malacca Kopi-O

    • Martini


    • Malacca Kopi Peng

    • Pot of Malacca Milk Tea

    • Malacca Teh Peng

    • Pot of hot Lemongrass/Pandan tea

    • House pour beers

    • Desserts

    • Chef’s Dessert Platter

    • Imperial Bird’s nest

    • Imperial Dessert Platter

    • Pulot Enti Kelapa

    • Pulot Enti Durian

    • Chendol Melaka

    • Chendol Melaka with durian

    • Whole pandan Gula Melaka Birthday Cake

    • Whole pandan Gula Melaka Birthday Cake With durian

    • Chef's Dessert Platter

      Chef's Dessert Platter