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Welcome to The Peranakan! We are an authentic Straits cuisine restaurant in Singapore. Executive Chef Raymond Khoo and his team serve three generations of delicious ‘mesti-cuba’ (must-try) Peranakan recipes, lovingly handed down by the Nonyas and Babas in his family, now brought to your table. We are currently, the only Peranakan restaurant along the Orchard…

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Special Today Special today in our restaurant

Sup Bakwan Kepiting

Sup Bakwan Kepiting

Rich broth of crabmeat/pork/prawn balls with bamboo shoot Add sea cucumber

Kueh Pie Ti Set of 10

Kueh Pie Ti Set of 10

Delicate crisp Top Hats filled with stewed julienned turnip and condiments, topped with prawn. An excellent hands-on experience mini set of 4

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Ngoh Hiang

Ngoh Hiang

Mouthwatering meat rolls hand made with diced water chestnut, prawns, minced pork and condiments.



Ayam Buah Keluak

Ayam Buah Keluak

-4pcs (8pcs)

A true blue peranakan dish. Stewed with chicken from great grandma’s recipe.

Kaki Babi Pong Teh

Kaki Babi Pong Teh

Pork leg slow cooked for six hours with sautéed onions and fermented beans

Satay Babi Sum Chan

Satay Babi Sum Chan

Not your typical BBQ satay: this is the Peranakan version, no skewers/no peanuts.

Our staff Meet our stars

Mona Sanders Sous Chef

Max Spader Junior Chef

Emil Boyyd Pastry Chef

Susan Berkley Head Chef

Joseph Gordon Master chef

Happy Customers What our happy customers say

Best Peranakan restaurant I’ve been to so far! All my friends loved it. Congrats to Raymond for an awesome evening!

Richard Chia

It’s been very difficult to find a genuine perenakan restaurant with so many traditional dishes that has the home cooked taste infused. A must try is the TOK PANJANG FEAST. Loved the chap Chye and Ayam bua keluak.

Adeline Wang

Had a wonderful lunch today. The Ayam buakaluk n nasi ulam was delicious and dessert pulut inti very nice. Most authentic that I have tasted in Singapore… Brings back memories of grandma’s cooking for sure. Keep up the standard.

Eunice Goh

Love the place! Can taste the home made goodness in the dishes – the chunks of meat and liver in the ngoh hiang, the rich bua keluak sauce, succulent sotong in assam… divine!

Teo Lay Cheng

Highly recommended for those who loves authentic Peranakan cuisine..once you tried them, you won’t pot for other restaurants.. if you can’t decide which to eat, then try their Tok Panjang set..

Kelvin Lim

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